Hi, I’m Bailin

Reverse Engineer / PWN / ex-CTFer



I’m a Year 2 Computer Science Undergraduate @ NUS.

I started off as a game hacker since 2012. I have been dabbling in various cybersecurity field over these years. I started playing CTFs as an alternate means to enhance my cybersecurity skills over live targets. I am experienced in the following fields:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Binary exploitation
  • Network pentesting
  • Web Hacking

I want to explore:

  • Fuzzing
  • Operating System internals
  • AI in cybersecurity


Latest Post

Apr 18, 2022

TamuCTF 2022 - Obsessive Checking

Introduction This is a relatively challenging reverse engineering problem. Thankfully, the hint provided is very helpful. The link to the writeup for the challenge eBook DRM is https://ubcctf.github.io/2022/03/utctf-ebook-drm/. Strongly recommend a read as it is a very well written write up. Initial Analysis Unzipping the challenge file, I was given 2 files. obsessive-checking and flag_book.txt.bin. Based the write-up above, I figured that this challenge also requires some way to proxy library functions to extract the key from obsessive-checking to decrypt the flag book file. Read more
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Actively looking for summer / winter internship opportunities.

Feel free to email me about any cybersecurity matters.

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