Hugo cheatsheet

Jul 29, 2020 | 1 minute read

Tags: tips


It’s been a while since I blogged. And I realised that I have almost forgotten how to use hugo and many of the things I used to do. It’s such a pity that we can spend so much time learning stuff just to forget them later. I used to think my memory is pretty good but it seems to be no longer the case. So I am starting to document every little things I learn from now on so that I can have a quick reference to things that I need.

Basic workflow

Creating and testing new blog post

command comment
hugo new site site_name #create a new site
hugo new post/notes/ #create a new post in content/post/notes/
hugo #builds static website in public/
hugo server -D #starts a server to see how your blog looks like

A simple bash script to deploy to an ssh server



echo "Deploying to" ${USER}@${HOST}

hugo && rsync -avz --delete public/ ${USER}@${HOST}:/var/www/hugoblog/

exit 0

Changing theme

  1. Find a theme on
  2. Follow the instruction to download unpack in themes folder. Or use git submodule add from here
  3. Copy the theme.toml or config.toml file into your root directory, adjust the parameters accordingly